AKAA ( Also Known As Africa)

Since 2016, the AKAA (Also Known As Africa) has been held in Paris. The exhibition dedicated to contemporary art and design from the African continent, has already confirmed its status of a key international event and mainly focuses on the young generation of artists. This year it was held for the forth time, and fortunately FotoSlovo had a chance to visit it.
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More than 150 photographers from Africa were represented on the art fair. This time AKAA displayed such famous artists as Roger Ballen, Amadou Sanogo and many others. At the heart of fair was all types of contemporary art (sculpture, painting, photography, installation and design). Nowadays AKAA event is known as the perfect place to get to know the oeuvre of African contemporary artists and photographers.

Same as Paris Photo fair AKAA gathers collectors, gallery owners and those who seek for inspiration. The atmosphere was friendly and positive: master classes, lectures by artists, live music and performance by the artist Danila Bazar painting portraits on exhibition's visitors faces.

"Our Africa is variable, complex and vibrant. It influences and inspires the world with its ability to innovate and be creative. During the four days of the exhibition, we share Africa's energy, we hear its hum and feel its vibrations",- says the founder and director of AKAA Victoria Mann.

That's exactly how it was, the event was saturated with unique atmosphere. If you are in Paris during November, visiting AKAA fair should be a must. :)

Author Anna Laza
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