Evgeniya Balokina

My name is Evgeniya Balokina, I was born in Moscow, 1996.
The interest in fixation of the surroundings had arose when I was still a child - I started taking pictures and videos using a cellphone, then I got a camera, with which began to get acquainted with the world of photography. Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture back in 2018. I work in art photography. Most often I shoot people, for the last few years I have been interested in working with a person in the interior.
In photography I am attracted by the interaction of the surrounding reality and something irrational. These are the themes of time, memory and nostalgia, existence, eternal search and wanderings..

Series "Window to the yard"

«Trembling in the wind and swaying out the window are the crystal white curtains. It is cold and deeply silent outside. And each and every one of such windows are just the same as mine. The past, the present and the upcoming future tangled up into one singular timeframe. And all that is my quiet, sad but nevertheless fairy tale».

This project is the realisation of the feeling of emptiness, as well as the feeling of «absence» that has always haunted me throughout my life: in the place where I grew up and the people that surrounded me. I was born on the outskirts of the city of Moscow, in the district of an Old Kosino, the place which will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This environment has shaped me. The photographs - are actually me. The places where I feel at home are scattered around the city, and if I go a little off the beaten path, I can find myself there again - and go to my window.
In the work I have always been fascinated by philosophical reflections on existence, the passage of time, alienation and the search for the meaning of life. My photography is my view of the place, people, myself. This journey that has no end point, this is an eternal inner pilgrimage.
Text Anna Laza
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