Instagram selection #2

Children and animals, summer and winter, color and monochrome.. Diversity in styles.
But all of them are united by documentary photography.
Discover five accounts we have selected for you and get inspired!
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"The photographer must be a storyteller" and all the photographs of Sergei Maximishin confirm these words. His work is recognizable. His photographs attract attention with its harmony and picturesqueness.
Dmitry Markov is a social worker, volunteer and documentary photojournalist. He is shooting exclusively on the Iphone. The heroes of his stories are mostly orphans, military and elderly people.
The main theme of Eugenia's photographs is the relationship between people and animals. Eugenia very subtly and poetically sees the world of homeless animals.
Life often gives interesting plots even in the most ordinary situations. According to the photographer from Yakutia Alexey Vasiliev.
Documentary photography of Alexey Myakishev. Great composition and poetic images.