Helena Liventseva

My name is Elena Liventseva, born in Voronezh. I prefer to work on long-term personal projects. Area of interest: psychological problems, trauma, social problems.

The project "Morok" has become for me an important reflection on femininity and a woman as a psychic phenomenon, the collective unconscious and a sacred secret. Work on some of the images became performative, although frozen in the static image form. I wanted to reveal for myself and others the mystery of perception and sensation of such a complex internal phenomenon as a woman.
A Morok is something stupefying, charming, clouding the mind.

A morok (obsolete, figurative meaning) is something stupefying, charming, clouding the mind. A morok is the clouding of a person's mind, actions that darken the mind, deception of feelings, distorted perception.

In the project, I consider female nature as a phenomenon that is subjected to a morok and is capable of causing a morok. I look for echoes of the epochs within myself and transfer them into images. The perception of a woman differs at different points from the Mother Goddess to the Devil's servant. The attitude towards a woman seems to be always subjected to a morok, distorted for society and a woman herself.
The dual nature continues to excite both men and women themselves and society as a whole. It still seems like we can't determine our attitude to the subject. I also consider the morok here as a talisman to hide the paths of truth to the knowledge of women from ignorant and unkind people or phenomena.
Text Anna Laza
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