Maxime Crozet

Born in 1985 in France, Maxime Crozet is a traveling photographer. He discovered his passion for photography during the extensive travels, until photography became his main profession and the primary way to explore the world. Through his photographs his nomadic gaze illustrates the anthropological, documentary and affective diversity of the portraits. His photographic work evokes landlocked territories and revolves around themes of wandering, identity and borders.

Maxime Crozet thirsts for freedom, escape and light. In 2007, he embarked on a two-year trip around the world, alone, traveling as much as possible. Place after place, meeting after meeting, he collects numerous portraits. Open to other cultures, other ways of living, other languages and other beliefs, he wishes to deliver moments of truth and elsewhere as they are.
From the mountains of Kurdistan in the north to the Shatt al-Arab river in the south, and all along the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates, Iraq faces an array of social, economic and political challenges, ongoing security threats and environmental threats.

This series explores the hopes, the uncertainty and the disappointments of Arabs and Kurds in a country torn apart by decades of conflict.
These are the stories of the Mesopotamian swamps that once constituted the wealth of the ancient Sumerian and Assyrian civilisations, but are now threatened by drought.
This project is about the song of Najmadin from the top of his Kurdish village. About the families harrassed by ISIS and young people searching for a future. About the ravaged alleys of old Mosul, the Peshmerga, and the religious fervour in Najaf and Karbala. About ancient cities under threat.
After the storm, what remains on the Land of the Two Rivers?
Text Anna Laza
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