Mitar Terzic

Mitar Terzic is a Serbian artist living in Spain, in Alicante. He has been practicing photography for more than twenty years and creat a phantasmagorical univers thanks to the staging of his characters and masks that he draws and realizes himself. His black and white photographs are both intriging and poetic. Mitar takes us to a world where everyone can imagine their own story, mixing their dreams with his.
We couldn't help not enchanted by Mitar atmospheric universe and sharing one of his projects.

Acording to Akashic records ,Lemuria was a human civilization that existed about thirty-four million years ago. It was the home of the Third of the seven Root Races of humanity, where great changes took place in human beings, both in their bodies and in their minds.
Lemuria's main continent was south of what is now Asia in the Pacific Ocean, on land masses long submerged by powerful volcanic activity that eventually destroyed and submerged the civilization.

The Lemurian world lasted about thirty million years and predated Atlantis. The First and Second Root Races, the Polarian and the Hyperborean, had ethereal rather than physical bodies.
The Lemurian Root Race, like all Root Races, consisted of seven sub-races. And just as all Root Races had an overriding theme for development, for the Lemurians the focus was the will and development of imagination.
"Lemurians, long before they developed speech, were directed telepathically."

Their faculty of imagination, which was in alliance with nature, became the basis for a higher development of the life of ideas. What was cultivated there was not really religion: it was "divine wisdom and art".

Lemurians, long before they developed speech, were directed telepathically in all aspects of their everyday life by superior beings. The volcanic activity was so widespread throughout Lemuria people could not settle for long in one place without new eruptions causing them to move on.

It was this constant volcanic activity that finally tore the world apart and sank Lemuria.
Lemurians were conscious of the dangerous nature of this planet ,which when it became angry, would wipe off everything from its surface.
As they knew that nothing material would survive the armageddon, they left a message in our subconscious to be kind to the Planet and respect its laws.

We have that information in our genetic memory, but ...... could we remember the future?
Text Anna Laza
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