Roman Zumdiek

Hi folks! My name is Roman Zumdiek, I'm a self-taught street photographer. I was born and raised in Munich/Germany, but live in Berlin for more than 13 years now.
I bought my first DSLR Camera in January of 2019 as I was working at local sound studio and on Movie- and TV-Sets and had to get familiar with focal lengths and general photography.
From that point my passion for photography awoke and grew constantly.

I can say that sometimes it's tuff to shoot Berlin streets. Only this year I got kicked in the back and slapped in the face while shooting several times. It reminds me to keep up the attention on all the surroundings.

My early inspirations were Billy Dinh and Paola Franqui who're an urban explorers focusing mainly on streets, urban, and street portraits. Also Sean Foley style and feeling of color.
My visit of Hong Kong city left big impression on me in terms of atmosphere and the vibes of the streets.
Latest additions are Ernst Haas who is known for his vibrant color photography and Paul Erdmenger.
My biggest intension in photography is to awake a feeling in the viewer which can be connected to a personal story. But I'm also totally fine if just the aesthetics is pleasant..
Text Anna Laza
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