Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a world famous British photographer. He works mainly in the style of rococo and surrealism. His fashion photographs have a touch of theatricality and magic, and always some new subtext in the images.. According to photographer, for understand his work "humor and imagination are needed". Tim Walker avoids Photoshop and uses real props and lighting. He is an official photographer of Vogue UK.
All his works are distinguished by love of paradoxes. Be it Persian cats painted in rainbow colors or huge walking skeletons. Looking at Walker's pictures, you feel as you are transported to another world, a world where everything is possible, to the Universe of fantasy.
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"I would say that I live in a fairy tale without a beginning and an end. There are lots of heroes in my world: small horses, huge people, monsters, kind animals, plants, apples sized of a head. When I make a photo shooting, I just take a little piece of magic out of my fairy tale."

Tim Walker was born in 1970 in England. As a child, Tim was inventing many fabulous images and fictional worlds. At the age of 12, he became interested in photography. Tim began his career as a photographer after taking third place in one of the independent photography contests. Later he received a degree in photography from the University of Exeter and worked as an assistant to the great American photographer Richard Avedon and learned a lot from him.
According to Tim's words, "in the work of the photographer he liked to put everything in its place, create the right atmosphere and select outfits."

In the late 1980s, Tim worked with the archives of Cecil Beaton at Condé Nast, which left a deep impression on the young photographer. From that time Tim developed his own style, characterized by extravagant productions and romantic images.
In 2008, he published his debut book named "Pictures" and held his first major solo exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Later, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London included his works in their permanent collections.

Photoshootings with celebrities Walker holds without changing his personal style. The photographer's fabulous fantasies are a world that he creates not only for himself, but also for the audience.
"All of us are so busy and everything around is even accelerating. Only children have enough time to wander and dream. In my work I become like a child"- says the photographer.
Tim Walker is the author of the Pirelli Calendar 2018. Inspired by the immortal book of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland", as well as with the illustrations to the first edition of the book, Tim Walker offers a new reading of one of the most famous stories in the history of world literature. For Tim's version of Calendar, unique costumes and scenery were created.

"There is an infinite number of Alice's retelling," Tim Walker explains. "I was getting inside the imaginative world of Lewis Carroll so that my story comes from the original source. The main task was to find a new and original point of view for photography it. "

Only dark-skinned models participated in the shooting, including stars such as Naomi Campbell and rapper P. Diddy. A series of the legendary calendar was brought to Moscow and exhibited at the Multimedia Art Museum, more about Tim's exhibition in Moscow you can read in our Blog.
This was the first exhibition of a famous photographer in Russia.
Now Tim Walker is one of the most famous professionals in the world of fashion photography. His pictures are constantly published on the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine and LOVE Magazine.

The photographer has an unique 'victory' in publications - a photo shoot with a length of 38 pages in one issue of the 2004 Vogue UK magazine. A series of these photographs featuring Madonna was called Fashion Pantomime. As the main requisite he used: 80 white rabbits, 20 ballerinas, 17 geese, 250 ostrich eggs covered with gold, a box with giant plastic hands, 20 Christmas trees and one Rolls-Royce.
What else can you expect from the most magical storyteller.!?
Author Anna Laza
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