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The Robbery of the Century

On Monday, November 25, in Dresden, the jewellery from "Green Garden" (Grünes Gewölbe) was stolen, with a price of billion euros! 
Attackers deliberately stole three sets of jewelry from one of the windows. 

Chronicle of events.
The "Grünes Gewölbe" Museum located in the historic part of Dresden, was guarded by two Security Council officers at nights. On Monday, November 25th, at 4.59am alarm worked. As the surveillance cameras showed, the intruders opened the grate in front of the side window, went inside, destroyed the window with an ax and took the contents.

Two employees checking video cameras in the building immediately reported to the police. But they themselves did not intervene. According to the head of the Federal Center for the Heads of Security Structures, Alexander Kozlov, this behavior is understandable, but Russian security guards would most likely behave differently.
"The legislation of the Russian Federation allows private security guards to detain criminals and transfer them to police. Another thing is that not all posts have firearms. I would understand employees who did not want to show up without guns to detain armed thieves. Although, of course, we are not Europe. The mentality is different. Our people would at least try to make a fuss to identify themselves and scare thieves. Europeans chose to call the police and not risk themselves."

In Germany, this robbery was called the Crime of the Century.

According to the level of protection, the Dresden "Grünes Gewölbe" is compared with the Diamond Fund of Russia. All entrances are behind safe doors that open sequentially one after another. This is a multi-stage secure alarm. The stolen collection is unique. It was collected by the Polish king Augustus the Strong, it was a relic of the royal family. So the damage to a billion euros is a conditional figure, there is no ceiling for the price. Art critics lament: if they do not catch the robbers, then no one will see the jewelry anymore - it is simply impossible to sell them on the open market.

If within six months the participants of a robbery in the "Grünes Gewölbe" in Dresden are not found, and the jewelry of the XVIII century do not return to the museum, the jewelry can settle for a long time in private collections. Theft, most likely, is custom-made, experts say. Otherwise, the criminals will not be able to sell the stolen goods, the only option is to re-cut or cut the stones, which will cause irreparable damage to the collection. Apparently, the robbery was carefully planned for many years, otherwise it would not have been possible to carry out so quickly in a few minutes.
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